PuroClenz Mini Residential - 4 Pack

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Gas-off/Liquid Application for Living and Work Space - 4 gram

This 4 gram application is used in 2 different ways:

  • Gas-Off application for small spaces (powder rooms, small bathrooms, etc.)
  • Liquid application in a spray bottle to disinfect surfaces and target visible sources of odors on carpet, furniture, drapes, and flooring.

For larger spaces, or more severe odor intensity, we recommend using our 20-gram or 100-gram applications (please contact us for more information regarding the PuroClenz Mega 100-gram application).

*Areas to be treated must be entirely unoccupied during the application (this includes pets)*

What's included:

4 - "4 gram" Treatments

4 - PuroClenz Treatment Cups

Spray Bottle Not Included







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