PuroClenz Auto Odor Eliminator (5 Pack - Save $10)

PuroClenz Auto Odor Eliminator (5 Pack - Save $10)

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Remove the Previous owner with Puroclenz. Kills odors at the source. Eliminate Smoke, Mold, Mildew, Pet Smells and much more.

Looking to eliminate odors in any vehicle? Our 20 gram gas-off application is the most powerful and effective product on the market. Used by the world's largest automobile wholesaler, Robert Hollenshead, and the world's largest Ford Dealer. Guaranteed to work. Easy to use. 

What's Included:

5 - "20 gram" Treatments

5 - PuroClenz Treatment Cups

Each application will effectively treat One Vehicle in as little as 30 minutes (depending on odor intensity) removing odors at the source.

*IMPORTANT: PuroClenz is intended to be used after the vehicle's interior has been fully detailed*






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